Tongshun Machinery Goes to the World

Tongshun Machinery Goes to the World



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      Zhuji Tongshun Machinery Co, Ltd. is a design, research and development, manufacturing,marketing, service in one of the production enterprises. Specializing in the production ofdiversified water and accessories and other products production enterprises.

      The company has been established, and has established a set of perfect quality andcustomer service service guarantee system, the implementation of ISO9001:2008international quality management system standard, the twenty-first Century is the era ofknowledge economy, high-tech industry will become the main force in the internationalarena, high-tech development and industrialization, has become the ladder of ourmodernization.

      With the aim of . innovation, pragmatism , efficiency and excellence" , the company hasmade great efforts to promote technological innovation, management innovation andcultural innovation. By virtue  of the  strength of strong research and developmenttechnology, relying on all the staff and the entrepreneurial firm and indomitable pioneeringspirit, the introduction of user required excellent performance and reliable qualityproducts, with our sincere service for you to solve your desire to solve the problem, themajority of users to become the most dependent upon partners. Hope to establish a long-term friendly relationship with customers around the country, work together and developtogether.


The core values are:

Right and wrong - taking the user as the right, taking it as the right

Development View - Entrepreneurship and Innovation

View of interests - people single and one win


Strong competitiveness comes from a superior R&D team. Tongshun Machinery has a professional technical team for product development, professional operators, and professional knowledge to effectively improve product research and development capabilities. The pursuit of perfection is the product philosophy that Tongshun Machinery adheres to. Therefore, in addition to interpreting the physical characteristics and functional requirements of the products, the products are planned and developed, and then through professional design drawing and precise mold manufacturing, high-quality, high-demand processing. Ensure the company's products are of high quality, improve production efficiency, ensure product quality is constantly updated, follow international standards, and meet market demand.

Focus on the quality of every
detail from professional

High voltage security

Each component is rigorously tested to ensure product safety

Double seal

Product joints use glue + O-ring double seal design to reduce leakage probability

Leakproof structure

The integral connection of the water separator adopts an integrated leak-proof professional structure design to improve leakage prevention performance.


High standard copper

Strict trace element control controls internal impurities to prevent leakage.

Fine control tempering

After the cylinder is forged, it is subjected to strict high temperature tempering to ensure the anti-vibration of the cylinder.

Overall molding

1000T large tons of punching presses are stamped and formed to avoid cracking of the compartment.


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